Coroplast may not be a word that you hear every day; it’s something of an industry term. Like Coke or Kleenex, Coroplast is a brand name that has become synonymous with its product: corrugated plastic. You’ve most likely seen it before in the form of open house signs or as little political campaign signs along roadsides. Corrugated plastic is incredibly durable while still being light. It’s so lightweight that it’s the substrate of choice for those oversized spinner arrows that you see people dancing with on street corners. It’s portability also makes it a staple at trade shows. As one of our cheapest rigid substrates, custom printed Coroplast signs are perfect for advertising on a budget.

  Durable signage at a great price.
Coroplast is surprisingly resilient considering its weight. The corrugated fluting reinforces the surface, giving Coroplast signs a pressure resistance that will defy crushing, warping, and punctures with normal usage. Completely waterproof, this substrate weathers the elements well. Large Coroplast signs, however, can be prone to bowing in high heat areas.

Caring for your Coroplast signs

Your custom Coroplast sign is ideal for temporary outdoor usage. Coroplast must be supported by a structure of some sort. They insert easily into wire yard sign frames or A-frame sidewalk signs. If you’re looking for a custom Coroplast sign that stands alone, be sure to check out our Air-frame signs.

The corrugated construction of the Coroplast gives the surface a subtle, ridged appearance. Please keep in mind when designing your sign that letters and simple graphics do well on Coroplast, but detailed images may have a slightly uneven appearance.

     Custom printed Coroplast signs are perfect for advertising on a budget. These signs increase your company or brand visibility, without much effort on your part, and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Every Coroplast print is guaranteed not to fade for a full year and can be printed on both sides to ensure you get noticed. Coroplast can also be custom cut to any size or shape to create a unique piece of advertising to promote your company. These signs are incredibly easy to transport and install, making them perfect for use multiple times. Coroplast signs are also completely weatherproof so they can be left out in the rain without fear of them being damaged.

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