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Reasons to Wrap a Box Truck

•Box Truck Wraps are a Single Cost Investment.

Unlike other forms of advertising, box truck graphics are a one time purchase. Traditional advertising like radio, television, and billboards are all recurring costs to your advertising budget. Over time, those dollars add up, draining your ad spend. The beauty of wraps is that you don’t have to pay the wrap company for the privilege of showing your brand identity on your own vehicle on a contract basis. In short: you spend one time, and then you reap the rewards of added exposure. If you own or lease your truck - you more than likely will drive it for 3-5 years. Your brand message will be visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Try and get that type of visibility with traditional advertising.

•Drive New Leads and Sales

A blank delivery box truck or service box truck driving around the streets is a colossal wasted opportunity. Leads and prospects are all around you, all the time, as you drive the roads of metropolitan areas.

•Brand Recognition

A funny thing happens when you wrap your company box truck: all of a sudden people know who you are. We’ve had plenty of customers with only one or two wrapped vehicles report back that their customers think their fleet is larger than it is. Recognition happens for two reasons.

First, you’re no longer blending in with the masses of unmarked company vehicles driving on the roads. By taking the easy step of wrapping your box truck, you’ve erased the all-white blank canvas and filled it with your brand. Assuming your brand identity is clear and easy to remember - you’re immediately on your way to standing out from the crowd.

Second, your box truck more than likely travels in a similar service area or on the same roads on a day-to-day basis. The people and businesses on that route will start to see your box truck wrap with increased frequency and your brand will become familiar to them. Smaller companies can make massive improvements and gain visibility by wrapping their box trucks with their brand identity. The perception of a larger fleet, even if you only have one truck is priceless.

•Customer Reassurance and Professionalism

Not only are box truck wraps a cost-effective way to drive new sales opportunities and reach potential prospects, But they’re an effective way to reassure customers you’ve already acquired. Delivery trucks without any box truck graphics are unprofessional. Even worse, some companies have trucks with old and peeling or even crooked box truck graphics. You know what they say about first impressions - you only have one shot, so you better make it count. Customers want to feel reassured that the company they hired is professional.

Think of box truck graphics as an extension of the company appearance policy or the use of uniforms: customers feel reassured when a professionally wrapped box truck arrives with their delivery or service purchase. You wouldn’t want your employees showing up to an appointment with an unkempt appearance or a stained white t-shirt. Why should your company vehicle be any different? A wrapped box truck tells your prospects and customers that you’re reputable and official.

•Circumvent Sign Code Ordinances

An overlooked advantage of box truck wraps is the ability to hack sign code ordinances. In many municipalities, traditional signage is becoming harder and harder to permit. Many sign codes are overreaching, and it can be difficult to erect large signs on the premise of a building. Even if you don’t live in an area with draconian sign ordinances, you can add another massive billboard to your property anytime you're not driving by parking your wrapped box truck in the front of your business. A box truck is the size of a billboard and thus, can be used as such when it is not driving around on a service route or a delivery route.

Who Should Invest in a Box Truck Wrap?

This is by no means a comprehensive list, as most any vehicle fleet with a need for box trucks can find value in wraps. However, some of the most common vertical markets we service are:

  • Last Mile

  • Big Box Retailers

  • Appliance Leasing and Delivery

  • Plumbing

  • Moving and Storage Companies

  • Rental Fleets

  • Governments

  • Landscape and Lawncare

  • Construction

  • Remodeling

  • Roofing

  • Catering

  • Vending and Snack Companies

  • Education Operation Departments

  • Nonprofits

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