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Sandwich Board Signs

Custom sandwich board signs are an old-school, effective means of advertising that’s still popular to this day. This doesn’t mean that they’re limited to advertising though, since they can serve several other purposes in various industries. Organizations and individuals alike use affordable, highly visible sandwich board signs to show off all kinds of graphics. Our sandwich sign displays come with numerous features that’ll play to your advantage:

  • Changeable graphics
  • Portable
  • Ballasting columns
  • Double-sided display

Standard Sandwich Board Signs

Our regular sandwich sign option consists of white and black plastic. When you opt for this type, the image is printed on vinyl material that’s stuck to the frame after printing. You’re free to switch designs whenever you desire by peeling off the vinyl face and replacing it with the new one. The black or white sandwich board sign as a whole measures 26”x46”. The graphics displayed on it however, are 24”x36”. This option weighs 18.5 lbs. These frames have empty columns within them which can be filled with sand to make them more stable. This will add around 10 lbs to its overall weight. The frame has locking hinges to prevent the product from opening wider than intended.

Quick Change Sandwich Board Signs

We have quick-change sandwich sign stands in two colors: white and black. The designs are printed on a corrugated plastic material and inserted into the frames. The latter have so-called “stay tabs” that don’t allow the rigid material to fall off. As the name implies, this option allows you to change displays in a matter of seconds by pulling the old ones out of place and sliding new graphics in. Quick-change sandwich board signs measure 27”x47”. The size of the printed surfaces is 24”x36”. These products weigh 20 lbs and have ballasting columns which can hold about 10 lbs of sand. The locked hinges prevent the frame from opening more than it’s supposed to.


Product Sample Size: Up to 12"x12"

I can print a specific color, or font, or your logo, or random printing.

Turn Around Time: 24hrs

Text me to 832-713-7767 and simply let me know the product you'd like a sample of.

Signicade Signs (Plastic A-Frame Signs)

PriceFrom $122.00
Signicade Color
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