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Best Print Shop in Houston For Backlit Decals

Backlit Decal Signs Backlit decals are an outstanding solution if you need vivid graphics for your illuminated sign that are visible 24/7. These high-quality backlit signs are used indoors as well as outdoors. They are weather-resistant and can last for years with proper care. Decals for backlit signs create a wide spectrum of colors, providing brilliant graphics that entice customers and enhance brand appeal. These signs are made with translucent vinyl decals that permit light to pass through them. The material to which the decal is applied to is also transparent so that it may be illuminated from the back. The main materials used as a base for backlit signs are acrylic, lexan, glass or other glass-like surfaces. These are transparent materials that provide perfect visibility for back-illuminated signs. Backlit decals are used for making light boxes, decorating storefront windows, cinema stands, shop displays and more. We offer custom backlit decals for making illuminated signs for both business and personal needs.

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