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Commercial Van Fleet Graphics

Renting vans for your business can get expensive very quickly, which is why so many owners opt to purchase vans or a fleet of vans for their business needs. From transporting supplies and personnel to making travel more convenient, company vans are a fantastic investment. They also represent prime real estate for free marketing for your business.

You won’t get far on any road without seeing a company van with graphics advertising their products and services. Van wraps have become a classic way to promote businesses on the road, and there are many reasons a professional wrap is important for your business.


You shouldn’t choose to wrap your company van just because it’s a common practice. While popularity is an excellent indicator that wrapping your van is a good idea, there are countless other reasons to get your van professionally wrapped.

Wraps elevate the aesthetics of your company vans, especially if you have or plan to purchase a fleet. The best marketing advice for businesses is to maintain cohesion within your advertising materials so they match your company branding. If your storefront signs and window decals conform to a color scheme, carry those same colors over to your vehicle wraps.

Another reason to wrap your vans is that they will be easily identifiable on the road. Having recognizable company vehicles serves as an extra boost of advertising, and you can place your contact information on the wrap so potential customers can contact you directly. Furthermore, though vehicle theft may not be a huge concern for you, having a custom wrap will certainly deter thieves from making off with your vans.


A professional van wrap could be one of the most influential marketing tactics you undertake for your business. In addition to being immensely effective, it is also one of the best investments you can make. A professional van wrap will elevate your company vehicles, leading to more conversions and better brand recall.

Having the job done professionally, as opposed to doing it yourself or hiring an inexperienced installer, is essential to ensure you get the best results. Even if your wrap design is perfect, potential customers will not get a good impression of your company if it starts peeling off after the first rainstorm.

If signs are the first impression for your business, then that includes how you represent your business on the road. 


Here are some of the most significant advantages to getting your van wrapped by professional services:


Getting a professional van wrap is great for your business. When people see your company vans, they’ll be more likely to look up your business, especially if your company name and contact information are clearly visible on your van wrap. In addition to your phone number, including your website URL and social media handles on the wrap can increase visits to your sites and generate more business.

On average, you’ll see a 212% increase in your daily reach when you invest in out-of-home advertising, such as vehicle wraps. If you want a simple way to market your company without renting out billboard space, a vehicle wrap can generate more impressions at a lower price point.


Amazingly, high-quality vehicle wraps can increase conscious brand awareness by 48% — and with an average exposure of 8.4 million impressions per year, your vehicle wrap is sure to improve brand recall. When people can remember your business and recognize your company vans immediately, they’re more likely to choose your business when they need your services.


Another pro of professional vehicle wraps is that they cost less than most traditional marketing and last much longer, especially if you choose a great design. Vehicle wraps have the lowest cost-per-impression of all the major marketing channels.

Even with lower associated costs, you’ll still see an average return of $2.80 for every dollar you invest when you integrate vehicle wraps into your marketing strategy. With a professional wrap, your company van’s advertising will be sure to last a long time, giving your a better return on investment than practically any other marketing strategy.

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