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Things to remember when requesting a quote.

1. Vinyl Type 2. Total Sqft 3. Cut Type 4. Lamination 5. Installation

Please take your time to view this entire page as it will cover a lot of important information.

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My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics
My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics

Perforated Vinyl

Perforated Vinyl
Top Features of Perforated Window Vinyl
Perforated window vinyl allows brilliant, eye-catching graphics to be installed without obstructing the visibility from inside. Instead of leaving your windows as blank, unused spaces, you can transform them into useful, multi-purpose advertising displays. You won’t lose the ability to see out through your window, plus you can display a full-color graphic.

This type of window vinyl helps block direct sunlight, a great tool during hot summer months to help keep buildings cooler. Often, businesses that use perforated window vinyl on their storefronts notice a reduction in their energy bills.

These decals are easy to install and remove, so they are perfect for personalizing rental spaces or using while in the process of renovating.

Life Span
Our perforated window vinyl adheres best to glass, mirrors, windows, and other glass or window-like surfaces. Customers frequently apply this one-way vinyl to storefronts, corporate cars, and office windows.

Ideally, you should install the vinyl on a clean, smooth surface for optimal visual impact. Dust and dirt can affect the adhesion, so make sure to clean the window thoroughly before application.

Long-lasting and easily removable. We print using fade-resistant UV inks to ensure the graphic quality and vibrancy last the entire life of the vinyl.

Sizing for Perforated Window Vinyl
Perfect for covering entire windows of any size. Properly measure the maximum width and height to ensure full coverage.

For extra-large windows or multiple windows, we can piece together multiple decals for maximum effect.
First, measure the full display area you would like to cover, both height and width.
Then, if there are multiple, individual windows that make up this display area, measure each of them individually.
Do not include in your calculations the rubber and/or metal by the glass panes of the window. i.e. the interior rubber/metal panes of the windows.

To ensure that projects of this scale turn out, fill out a quote form including specifications of your project. We will work with you directly to get you exactly what you need!

Lamination of Perforated Vinyl

Laminated Vinyl: Good: Helps with the fading, and keeping dirt/dust/water out of the perforated holes. It helps with scratches and small scuff marks. It makes the colors pop more and will add 3-4yrs of Life Span to your Graphics. Bad: It will no longer give you the ability to look out clearly, you will see still able to look out but it will be blurred out, and shows more of the peoples shadows. It will increase your cost by up to 25-35%

Non-Laminated Vinyl: Good: More Economical Option, Allows you to Clearly Look outside. Bad: Shorter Life Span, Dust/Dirt/Water can start to get in to the perforated holes and obstruct the view at times, and you will be able to look out less with time.

Typically these window vinyls last up to 2-4 years with lamination and 1-2 years without. As with any outdoor signage, weather and other conditions will have an impact on the lifespan of your vinyl. Extreme conditions may shorten the lifespan.

Remember, you can easily remove your vinyl at any time, simply peel off and discard.

My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics
My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics

Opaque Vinyl
Opaque Window decals are smooth and often adorn fast food centers and cinemas. Matched with coordinating floor decals, they provide a magnificent look to any indoor or outdoor surface. Customized window decals are printed on white material and come with pre-glued backs for easy peel-and-stick application on any smooth surface.

A Variety of Uses, Indoors and Outdoors
You don't have to stop at just using our products on your storefront windows; they also are popularly used as car decals! Many businesses use them in glass showcases for their items, as well as on indoor windows and mirrors throughout the building as well.

My Houston Pro supplies a large variety of window stickers, customized window clings, and car decals with our 100% guarantee in price and quality. We provide decals that are made out of quality materials and advanced printing tools. You can order both pre-made as well as custom-made opaque window decals from us at reasonable rates.

They are applied outside of the glass.

These are one-time application and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor utility.

Signs of more than 5 feet in height and width come in two pieces, which provides easy installation.

Simple Installation. Many installation Videos are available on YouTube for reference.

Life Span up to 2-3 Years Non Laminated and 4-5 Years when Laminated.

Can be done with special cuts or cut to shape.

Shows the most color out of all vinyl decals for windows, the color can really pop when laminated.

The view is blocked and you are not able to view in or out.

Proper Care: Lightly wipe it down with no chemicals added.

My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics
My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics
My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics

Clear Decals

Clear Decals
Storefront window signs can speak volumes about your business, and My Houston Pro offers unlimited possibilities for you to promote your business in an artistic, eye-catching way. Use storefront window graphics to let passersby know about a sale, promotion, or special deal. Have one already installed? Upgrade it and stay current with the seasons, holidays, and other local events! We've got an unbeatable selection of storefront window signs, store decals, and clear window decals for business that are completely customizable.

Whether you already have a design for your store decals or you need us to help with our free professional design offering, we'll deliver exactly what you order with a quick turnaround that will surpass your expectations. We don't use thin, flimsy materials for our clear window decals; you'll notice right away the high quality and care that goes into each and every order.

My Houston Pro offers high quality store decals with the following unique features:
Storefront window signs are printed on high strength clear vinyl material for both outdoor and indoor use.

The design consists of a white color that will come out as black/clear as printed; it doesn't print white.

They are made out of high strength material, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Storefront window signs that are more than 5 feet in height and width come in two pieces, which helps in easy installation.

Simple Installation. Many installation videos are available on YouTube for reference.

Short Term Applications of 1yr or Less, or 2-3yrs laminated.

Shows the Least amount of color.

Allows 2 way view inside or outside of building.

Easy Installation.

My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics

Custom Cut Types
STANDARD PRINT: This cut our default and is the cheapest decal cut because of it's simplicity. Your decal image is printed on white vinyl (or paper) and is cut down to a variety of basics shapes like squares, rectangles, ovals or circles.

PRINT ON CLEAR: This cut mimics the Standard Print in every way except that your decal image is printed on a transparent clear vinyl. This gives the decal a see-through quality without paying for a custom die-cut to eliminate the background.

CLOUD CUT: This cut enables your decal to have a custom cut look without being totally cut-to-shape. Your decal is printed on white or clear vinyl and then a contour cut is applied to the shape of your image leaving a thin border all the way around.

DIE-CUT: This custom cut literally cuts your decal out to the exact shape. This effect gives the decal a painted on look by having no background whatsoever. Die-cut decals require specific files for cutting and range in price depending on the complexity of the cut.

My Houston Pro Wraps and Graphics

Laminating Your Graphics
Protect your decals from sun, water, chemicals, and physical wear by having it laminated

In the world of decals a laminate is a protective overlay. These overlays can help in many ways. UV protection, protect from chemical spills or simply make the decal easier to apply. We will help you select the laminate that is right for your project with our in-house decal production and installation experts.

Lamination: what's the use?
There are several reasons to laminate your decal. Liquid and over-laminate film are both very efficient ways to protect your graphic from scratches, abrasion, fuel, water, and even the sun. Laminated printed graphics are able to withstand many extra years of outdoor use. Not only does lamination protect the physical dimensions of the decal from physical damage, it also protects the colors from becoming worn and faded due to abrasion or UV exposure.

Your printed graphic is something that you should be proud of. We are proud of every product we make, and we ALWAYS RECOMMEND a quality laminate for your decal, label, or sticker.

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