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How do you Begin The Job or Get A Quote?

  1. Text or email me a picture on what you'd like to wrap [832-713-7767] []

  2. Your Approximate measurements

  3. Mention all the areas you'd like covered

  4. Let me know about any cleanings, removals, logo, colors, fonts, etc

Your quote is calculated on design, installation difficulty, additional work, vinyl's brand, vinyl's life span, install dates, etc.

This is not calculated on just the total sqft alone.

So your total sqft is multiplied by the cost of the graphics, then you add the additional work. The price per sqft only includes standard installation, meaning not everything is included for the same cost, every installation type requires it's own time and attention to do it properly.

A flat trailer with no rivets at 350sqft could cost you the same as a truck with lot's of curves and rivets at 200sqft.

I will give you a price range on what it would cost you. This is an estimate and not your actual quote.

If you decide to proceed I will take the actual measurements and email you the FINAL quote for the project. (+TAX)

Along with your Final Quote I will offer you other brands for another price to suit your requirements (Read More Here)


After your Quote and Vinyl Options

  • A $100 Non-Refundable Deposit Is Required to Begin the Design or Layout

Once You Approve Your Design a 50% Payment will be due on Balance (Pay Square Invoice  0r Zelle)

  • If you cancel the installation part, your graphics are only held for 7 business days and will be disposed of. (No Refunds)

  • 50% Balance Due After Installation and Before Your Property Leaves Our Site.

Payment Methods

  • Cash, Zelle, Cash App, Apple Pay

  • All Payments Are Final and Non-Refundable

Turn Around Times

  • Finalize Quote (1/2 Day)

  • Design/Layout (1-2 Business Days)

  • Graphic Production (2-4 Business Days)

  • Installation (3-5 Business Days)

Complete Project would Take 6-12 Business Days


  • All Jobs Installed at Our Location Come with 18 Month Warranty for Fading, Peeling


  • @ 2121 Wardmont St Houston TX 77093

  • Business Days are Monday to Friday. Not Weekends on Holidays.

  • Mobile Installations *additional fees will apply.

  • I Don't Offer Full Wrap Mobile Installations

  • No Production on Saturday/Sunday/Holiday's without appointment and additional fee.

Graphic Process

Lamination is Done 24hrs After Printing

Cutting is Done 24hrs After Laminating

Installation is Started 24hrs After Cutting

Once Installed it takes up to 30 Days to Completely Set In


Work Process

Vehicle Prep 12-24hrs

Vehicle Parts Assembly 12-24hrs

Graphic Removal or Cleaning 4-8hrs


We are not responsible for any broken or damaged parts due to their age.​We are not responsible for delays with any of the material necessary to complete your job. The estimated completion day/time is just an estimate and should not be dependent of important scheduling you may have.

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